Dorothy Harman is an Early Childhood credentialed Montessori directress in Millard Public Schools, Omaha, Nebraska.  She holds a BA in Early Childhood Education, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instructions and a Master in Education in Curriculum and Intruction with an Emphasis in Creative Arts.  Dorothy Harman serves as Montessori Consultant/Faculty for the College of Education at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and is a Teacher Trainer at the Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute where she trains new Montessorians in her passions: Cultural Studies, Parent Engagement, Art and Peace Education. She proudly presents at IMC and AMS conferences and is the author  of Intentional Connections-A Practical Guide to Parent Engagement in Early Childhood Classrooms and Beyond, Parent Child Press. Dorothy enjoys writing and directing children’s theater,  facilitating arts enrichment activities at her school, speaking to her church congregation, performing percussion with several bands, and riding her purple motorcycle. 

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